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Who we are

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers was founded in 2007 to help the APIDA community in STEM reach their full potential. Today, SASE is a leading organization for APIDA talent and leadership development in science, engineering, and technology fields with more than 100 chapters in academic institutions all over the country.

Our chapter's purpose aligns with these goals: to continually cultivate, promote, and advocate for prominent Asian heritage leaders in science and engineering at USC.

What we do

We hold a wide variety events and programs throughout the school year aimed at professional and cultural development for our members. These include speaker events, company talks, and workshop and networking events as well as semester-long programming for leadership development.

Where our members have gone...

Meet the team!

Mira Pratama


Michelle Dang

Director of External Relations

Mike Gee

Director of Financial

Maia Cho

Director of Programs

Nick Lee-Roller

Director of Marketing

Sam Cheng

Director of Graphic Design

Ahona Karim

Director of Operations

Brenda He

Associate Director of Programs

Mina Jung

Associate Director of External Relations